What is Lockr

Lockr is the first hosted API & encryption key management for modern content management systems like Drupal and WordPress, providing an affordable solutions for all sites to properly manage access and encryption keys. Lockr's offsite key management solution protects against critical vulnerabilities, delivers best-practice security to help sites comply with many industry regulations, and provides a Defense in Depth approach to securing your data. And best of all, even though it delivers enterprise-grade key management, your first key and 1500 key requests are free!

keeping your site secure

With all the right features you can rest at ease that your site and the information it holds will be safe and secure.

Safe and secure offsite storage

Keep your site secrets safe and secure outside of your core code base.

Platform agnostic rest api

For univseral integration, take advantage of our platforms agnostic rest api solution.

Works with any key

Works with any API key, encryption key and application secrets of all sizes.

Simple to configure and setup

Easy to use for the novice site owner and advanced enough for the expert developer.

Region specific data isolation

Take Data Sovereignty seriously. Choose where you want your data stored.

Multiple region redundancy

Use the service anywhere and maintain redundancy no matter what happens.

Flexible Pricing

Lockr makes key management easy, so does our pricing.
First key is free and we only charge you for requests once you go over 1500/month, so get started today.


From $ 000 Monthly
  • 1st key is free
    ($1.00 / key for additional keys)
  • First 1500 requests/month are free (aggregate across all keys)
  • $0.002/request after initial 1500 requests ($3.00 minimum)
  • Only pay for Production sites. All development sites are free.
  • 99.9% guarantee availability
  • Billing and subscription management support
  • Email and Slack Support


  • High volume of key requests
  • Dedicated Key Management Environment
  • Move keys seamlessly between Development and Production environments.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Management and Support of key environment
  • Billing and subscription management support
  • High Availability Support: Email, Slack, Phone

Want an estimate of your monthly bill? Use the sample pricing calculator below.

From $ 000 Monthly
Key Requests

Esten - Project6

Our clients, from universities to enterprises, all require the best security possible to protect their brand. Websites are particularly vulnerable, yet there’s no easy or affordable way for us to lock down things like API keys – and if a hacker gets hold of the key for a third party mail service, for example, they can send fraudulent email from a company’s actual account. That’s why we’re so excited about the protection afforded by Lockr: it allows us to maintain the integrity of these brands and leave everyone with peace of mind that their keys are protected.

Patrick - Townsend Security

Protecting sensitive customer information and access keys in web applications has never been more important. Lockr is leading the way in the Drupal and Wordpress communities to help make web sites more secure. With a leading-edge web service application integrated with Drupal and Wordpress customers can easily achieve a defensible encryption and key management posture with the backing of a great managed security service provider.

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